16 Nov

If you're having to use your handgun in protection, there's a good chance it could be at night. Undoubtedly to guarantee you strike your target, you require to see it. So in this post we're having a look at the most effective tactical lights for the Glock 19.

Without additional ado here are our top 5 picks for the best light for Glock 19 Laser guns. Like tactical flashlights these designs are tough, durable, straightforward to operate, and also most importantly, will supply you the light you require to appropriately defend yourself and your family members.

Glock 19 Laser

The first product is the Glock Laser Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light that has 800 Lumens with Strobe. It is made by glocklaser.com and also powered by batteries. That being said, the type of batteries used are lithium batteries.

Moreover, it is an actually good quality torchlight. It can be easily placed onto the Glock 19 Laser. Another great aspect of this Glock Light is it can be placed on various other guns too. It includes multiple tricks that can be utilized to fit models besides the Glock 19. It can be made use of on your other versions as well.

The body is made from light weight aluminum. This verifies that its durability is high. When it is being made use of in harsh scenarios, it would certainly get damaged that conveniently. This light has a sturdy aluminum body with MIL-SPEC anodized coating as well as shock-mounted glass lens.

As specified in the name over, it has Lumens. Therefore, it is incredibly bright. The Glock Laser offer optimal illumination throughout circumstances that take place in the dark or during the night. This makes it extremely very easy to observe any person or anything in the dark. Consequently, it is ideal to be made use of in a big and open location.

Not just that, this product has a strobe feature too. This feature can be quickly activated. All you need to do is dual tap the short-lived paddle to transform it on. This strobe can be impaired if required. Another feature of it is that it has a momentary/steady On-Off button which can be easily utilized for both left-handed and also right-handed people.

The run time is around 1.75 hours. The beam of light can increase to a distance of 245 meters. In addition, the battery door of this light has a lock device which protects against the battery door from going missing out on. This also makes it very easy to change the batteries.

Although it is a little pricey, it is absolutely worth it! This light is suitable for self-defense, residence defense as well as can be used for any type of law enforcement work too. Also, take a look at the prominent Weapon Lights available in the market.

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